It is fact that we all need a little career guidance now and later on. And there’s nothing better than getting that guidance from someone who’s been there before you. It’s time to reach out. It’s time to create your own personal board of directors: a network of switched-on, connected, and inspiring human beings who’ll positively impact the path you’re on.

When I enrolled in the master program at the university I faced many problems. Firstly, it was a completely new environment for me. It was difficult for me to understand the semester system and how to get the highest GPA and how to maintain it as well. I faced the huge trouble with case studies because I do not have any idea how to deal with it. I have very less idea about the industries; their setups, cultures, ethics etc.

One day, I was very upset with all these things that how to manage and deal with it. My elder sister came to me and asked the reason. She gave me very useful tips and asked me on a daily basis the progress about my work. My fellows also helped me a lot to understand the specific things like about the industries and dealing with case studies.

At many time I feel myself in the worst conditions. at some points I was totally blank that now how to deal with this. we are all human beings are depended on each other. there are some people are around us who gave us the comfort ability. they tell us the ways where we can continue our journey of dreams. who is always helping each other. It has also depended on us that how much we are open hearted towards learning.

I am really thanking full to all that they teach me a lot of things in my professional career. If they do not show their generosity and humility towards me might be I was stuck somewhere in my degree still yet. It is one of the ways that I learned that how much it is important to be humble and we get the positive results. if we see in history many people changes the life of other people and change the thinking pattern of their due to humility. humility create the more leaders to lead the rest of world.

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