BEFORE : I believe that before total quality management I have no Idea about how to communicate with people and with the people whom I work. So you can take the example of my first day in university and on that day I have no idea how to start interacting with the people that day for very difficult for me.

AFTER : Now I am in 8th semester and I realize that after studying this subject I get to know that how important communication is in my life. if you want to deal with people first thing which should be present in you the communication that will guide us in our life.


BEFORE : In early semesters I didn’t have any idea about the continual improvement. And I was also lacking in my studies. Because as we know that if we don’t improve ob daily basis then there is no success ahead for us.

AFTER: After knowing about the continual improvement I am doing well today and by accepting this fact I am also improving on daily basis and my overall result is also good.


BEFORE : Leadership is another important factor. As we all know that where ever we are studying we are assigned with the group projects and one of the member has to lead the group. But we are unaware that how to lead the group what things are required how we complete our task and how we present in front of people.

AFTER : But after knowing what leadership Is the main purpose of being a leader is to guide the whole group. Being proactive is one thing which matters a lot in this. We need to understand that what challenges are in front of us how we cope with them. In this factor communication with our group members is also important.


BEFORE : Before TQM I have no idea about POKA-YOKE that what does this mean and what importance it has in our life.

AFTER : After knowing what POKA-YOKE is I can now say that if we want our work to be without mistakes that for that we have to check our work to avoid mistakes. If we are working in a group report so in that case we assign topics to everyone. So its our responsibility that before giving our work to our leader we first check it out to avoid mistakes. If everyone do this so at the end their will be no mistakes and time can also be save by this.


BEFORE : I cannot relate this in my life before TQM.

AFTER : After knowing about this. I cannot relate this my real life example but I have seen in my situation that involvement of people is very important. I can relate this to group project that if we are working alone and not involving people in this than we have no idea about what’s wrong with this and how to fix it. So involvement of people is one of the most important thing and we really see this in our working environment that how significant this is.