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As I continue to publish affiliate sites and sell many different products, it became clear to me that I would need to eventually look at using Amazon — which I did. However, this did not come without disturbing reports of accounts being blocked and banned. Scary stuff! This lead me to do some digging, and where I came across Thompson & Holt, clearly the leaders in the market of helping prevent sellers getting their accounts blocked, and getting them out of suspension.

Well, the reviews can’t really lie.

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What do Thompson & Holt Do?

Apart from being the creators of the Monitor and Protect Software, which will prevent your Amazon account from suspension, Thompson and Holt will also help you file your suspension appeal — something that happens a lot more than you might realise!

With a backing of Lloyd’s of London, Thompson and Holt is the only company that offers Amazon Seller Services, tailored to meet the protect and fully cover your Amazon business. Moreover, the company also operates in more than 5 countries, thereby ensuring that Amazon sellers are fully insured from Amazon account suspensions and cancellations.

Key Features of the Amazon Monitor and Protect Software

  1. Suspension Cover of up to $70,000-Upon subscribing for the Amazon Monitor and Protect service, you will receive an Amazon suspension cover of up to $70,000. Therefore, once your Amazon account is suspended you will be entitled to a suitable cover.
  2. Backed by Lloyd’s-Lloyd of London is one of the biggest and most reliable insurance service providers in the world. The Amazon Monitor and Protect software is backed by Lloyd’s of London, therefore meaning your account will be subjected to minimal risk in case of a suspension.
  3. Instant Suspension Alerts-The Amazon Monitor and Protect offers users instant alert, especially about issues which may result in account suspension. Thereby, with instant alerts, you will be able to address pressing issues before they get out of hand. Moreover, the alerts are sent round the clock, immediately they are flagged up by the Amazon Monitor and Protect software.
  4. Hijacker Notification-With the Amazon Monitor and Protect, you will be able to receive notifications when someone tries to illegally sell your product. You will also be able to monitor your ASINS all around the clock.
  5. Instant Email Notifications-The software has the ability to send email notification and alarms to a maximum of 5 people, thereby meaning that you and your team, will be able to respond, whenever a need arises.
  6. At a price of only 200, you will be able to keep your Amazon account safe from possible suspension or from hijackers as well.
  7. Monitor All of your ASINS-The Monitor and Protect software gives you a chance of monitoring up to 100 per cent of your ASIN’S round the clock.

How Monitor and Protect Software Works

  • The Amazon Monitor and Protect Software sends real-time alerts, which may inform you about any violations that may lead to the suspension of your Amazon account including health violations and policy violations.
  • Users will also receive notifications when a customer leaves a negative review on any of the products that they are selling on Amazon. With the timely notifications, you will be able to respond and solve the issue on time and contact the buyer who left the negative review and establishing where the problem could be.
  • The software will track new defects found on any of your products. In turn, you will be able to avoid any sale loss. By tracking the new defects which may be found on any of your products, you will be able to improve your chances of winning the coveted Amazon Buy box.
  • Users are automatically entitled to a £ 50,000 insurance cover. This, in turn, means, that in case your Amazon account is suspended without any prior warning or issues beyond your control.
  • Free Amazon Suspension Appeal-In case your account is suspended and you need to appeal or dispute the decision, then you can rightfully do so with your free Amazon Monitor and Protect Software appeal. Moreover, the software also comes with 3 product appeals in case any of your product is taken down by Amazon.
  • Monitors your ASINS round the clock-Each time someone tries to sell any of your product, you will automatically receive an email notifying you of the same. The software gives you control over your products, especially who sells your product.
  • Round the clock support system-Thomson and Holt offers around the clock support, thereby ensuring that any arising issues will be fully addressed on time. Moreover, the 24/7 support also ensures that your Amazon account is protected and monitored round the clock.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Like anyone, I had questions about what I can and can’t do through the service, so here I have summarised the most regularly asked for these sorts of services.

How Does the Amazon Monitor and Protect Software Work

The Amazon Monitor and Protect is directly integrated with the Amazon Web Sellers servers. In the process, the software is able to constantly read and process information from Amazon.

Once the software processes the information, an email is automatically sent to your email address.

t is extremely important to note that Thompson and Colt do not change anything on your Amazon account. Moreover, the company does not share any of your information to third parties.

What Does the Cover Include?

Thompson and Holt will reimburse users for their net loss in case their Amazon account is suspended or cancelled for at least five days or more. The cause of the suspension should be clearly stated by the owner of the Amazon account. The cover only applies for the period that you will be paying for the Amazon Monitor and Protect services.

The maximum cover to be paid shall not exceed £ 50,000, or any currency that translates to the same. Finally, Thompson and Hold will do all they can to reinstate your Amazon account within the shortest period. However, the reinstatement of the account is not fully guaranteed.

Users must always remember to notify Thompson and Holt almost immediately after the Amazon account is suspended. Thompson and Holt will reinstate the ascertained amount five days after the cancellation or suspension of the Amazon account. Any loss incurred during the first five days of the cancellation or suspension shall not be reimbursed.

What Am I Required to Do?

To support any claim, users are required to provide any documentation or information that either Thompson and Holt will ask for or the inquirers. The information provided will be used to validate any claims that you may have, pertaining your Amazon merchant account. Moreover, users should also provide supporting documentation or alternatively any information that Thompson and Holt may ask for.

Users should also advise the company, whether there is any type of insurance, that they had applied for to cover the Amazon merchant account. This is important mainly because it will be used to establish the portion that the company should pay. Moreover, users should refrain from accepting that they are either guilty or alternatively promise to pay a certain amount of money, without Thompson and Colt’s approval. Finally, users are required to assist Thompson and Colt to pay any money that they paid while trying to reinstate the account.

How Can I Make a Complaint

The company’s overall aim is to ensure that each and every aspect of the insurance cover is rightfully addressed, with efficiency, fairness and urgency. In case of questions or concerns, you should contact Thompson and Holt either through their official telephone number or email address. In case a user still remains disqualified even after making a complaint, then they should feel free to contact Thompson and Colt at any time by contacting the Compliance Officer either via email or via the telephone number.

It is important to always remember that claims of suspension or cancellation, must be made almost as soon as they happen. Once the claim is made, the company will then contact Lloyd of London. Any claims of cancellation or suspension should be made 5 days after the cancellation or suspension of the account.

How Much Will I Be Able to Claim

The maximum amount that the company can reimburse can exceed 50,000 pounds or its currency equivalence. Moreover, the company will also reimburse up to 60 days from the suspension or cancellation of the account.

Are There Any Exclusions?

  • Thompson and Holt will not reimburse any amount that results either directly or indirectly from the breach of the terms and conditions declared by Amazon.
  • Any user who has traded for less than 12 months on Amazon will not be reimbursed.
  • Lack of diligence, care, or unwarranted behaviour which resulted in the loss of the account.
  • Any breach of contract or dispute from the user’s side.
  • Revenue which is more than your daily average income, that is calculated in line with the stipulated terms and conditions.
  • Any concealment, fraud and misrepresentation from the user’s side.
  • User’s failure to comply with and observe the requirements of the law, regulatory body or court.
  • An act of hostilities, foreign enemies, revolution, rebellion, usurped power or insurrection.
  • Destruction or seizure under customs regulations, quarantine, confiscation, destruction or requisition.

Dispute Clause

Any dispute between the seller and the company with regards to the cover will first be referred to a sole arbitrator for arbitration. The sole arbitrator will be agreed upon by the user and the company.

In case the two parties fail to agree, an arbitrator will be appointed by the chairman of the bar council. The decision of the Chairman shall be final and also binding for the two parties.

Alternatively, disputes arising or connected to the cover will be referred to an established and recognised mediation service provider. The agreement between the two parties must be in writing.

How Can I Withdraw From the Service

To cancel the service, users should either contact Thompson and Holt via email or phone.

My Cover is More than the Required Limit, What Can I Do?

If you require a cover more than the 5,000 limit, then you should talk with a Thompson and Holt agent for more details. Once you have contacted Thompson and Holt, the company will then contact Lloyd’s of London, will seek an Underwriter approval.

How to Qualify for Cover

To qualify for the cover, you should be a member of Thompson and Holt. Moreover, you should also have a rating of 3.49 or above.

Can Thompson and Holt Sell the Amazon Monitor and Protect Cover

Thompson and Holt can sell the Amazon Monitor and Protect cover. The company’s revenue cover is protected by Lloyds of London’s Argo global. Moreover, the company also happens to be an appointed representative of the world-renowned JM Marketing, regulated and authorised by Financial Conduct Authority.

How Often Does the Software Check My Account

Each time there is an update on your products or account, the software will automatically check your account each time.

Does the Software Support Any Other Platform?

Yes, the Amazon Monitor and Protect Software supports several other platforms in European and North American markets.

In the 2017, the number of users subscribed to the Amazon Monitor and Protect cover was 1,000. The sellers were from European and North American Amazon market including,,, Amazon.dr,,

Thompson and Holt were the recipients of the coveted Gold Trusted Service Award In recognition to the positive feedback from various Amazon sellers who had subscribed to the service.

Opting out from the Service

To opt of the service, users will be required to inform the company of the forfeiture.

Protecting your Income

How Can I Sign Up for the Cover

Signing up for the cover is extremely easy. The user will be expected to fill up their details on a yellow form. Upon filling the yellow form with the correct information, Thompson and Colt will then send further instructions. There is no minimum contract, considering this is a monthly pay service. Users can back out from the service at any time that they decide to.

What Does the Trial Entail

During the first month, the users will not be required to pay for anything, considering it is the trial period. Moreover, the company does not ask for payment details. The trial period automatically expires after 30 days, therefore the user can decide after the trial period to subscribe to the service or not. In case the user decides to continue with the service, then they will be required to contact Thompson and Colt. The company will then set up the user’s account.

During the trial period, the £ 50,000cover is not available. However, once the user becomes a paid member, then they will automatically receive the application form. Upon completing the application form, then the user will receive a confirmation of the cover. In case you do not receive a confirmation that you are not covered.


Well, I hope that covers most of what is asked about this service. If you do have any questions though, please reach out and ask me — or get in touch with Thompson and Holt directly.

The service seems very comprehensive and based on the reviews, I think I am safe in saying that they do everything I need… And more!

SEO Consultant and Affiliate Marketer. Can be found lurking on Twitter or over at

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