Sport Management 4.0: Venezia Football Club choose IQUII Sport for a new communication level

Aug 3, 2018 · 3 min read

Digital Transformation is catalysing the attention of companies due to its impact on processes, infrastractures and business, with innovation setting the tone of a new vision that, in the sport industry 4.0, is going to evolve on several levels, arriving to culture, governance and organization. Therefore, sport clubs are focusing on the sport digital transformation, to improve the integration among touchpoints and physical-digital communication channels, introducing more scalable technologies and platforms to add new revenue sources. Creating, in this way, an omnichannel experience around the fan 4.0.

Clubs grow thanks to the emotions given to the fans, that must be nourished by entertaining, informing and putting them at the centre of their passion, within a community in which to attract their interest that leads to sharing. A strongly integrated strategy, focused on technology and disintermediation, is essential for fan engagement and loyalty actions, to centralise communication management according to the acquisition and profiling activities.

Sport managers 4.0, in a continuously changing scenario, have to support this evolution, creating, with the modern tools available, new monetization opportunities. With these goals in mind, Venezia Football Club has chosen IQUII, which anticipated the change of the Sport Industry focusing on innovation, for a data-driven fan experience evolving the capitalisation systems.

Indeed, the Sport Business Unit of the Digital Company is the Official Digital Partner and exclusive supplier of the digital and mobile services of the club that has almost reached the promotion in Serie A, after an exciting season that is the proof of an accurate planning, both in and off the pitch, and a fan oriented organisation for an experience to enjoy even beyond the match. The partnership will see the realization of the new Sport Platform of the club, developed by IQUII Sport on the SportXP framework, structured to:

  • inform users in real time with valuable contents on their favourite club, such as the fixtures and the results, the table, the information on every player of the team, news and multimedia contents;
  • improve the interaction between the club and the fanbase, increasing their engagement through Instant Games, Keyboard and customised Stickers and a Forum Wall dedicated to fans, to comment the match in real time;
  • valorize the own monetization process as a result of the implementation of targeted membership multi-levels strategies and of important features such as the X-Commerce, ticketing, in-app purchases and much more.

The strongly strategic touchpoint will have the goal to make the Venezia fan experience unique, rearranging the communication and transforming the fans from users to members, an essential step for the Sport Management 4.0 activities: the first of a three years path, to be integrated with a CRM and an e-commerce, and, at a later stage, with the TicketOne ticketing.

Satisfaction and ambition in Fabio Lalli’s words, CEO at IQUII: “Venezia is an important reality in the national football landscape, representing a beautiful city, known all over the world, and an historic club that we are proud to support as their Official Digital Partner. I thank Joe Tacopina, the President, and Andrea Rogg for their trust, and the digital management, a great organization that embraced our Sport Tech vision. This deal, indeed, confirms the importance of our job, based on study and analysis, and our tools that we are offering the market, giving the Sport Industry 4.0 a new monetization model, through a Sport Platform that is essential for communication management, fan engagement and data acquisition processes, which are functional to the fidelization strategies.”

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