Stereotypes in Gender

Blackish, “Johnson & Johnson”

In this episode of blackish, you will see different kinds of stereotypical patterns that shows how one gender should act or do things the way they’re supposed to.

Andre Johnson argues with his wife Rainbow throughout the whole episode because he realized that she kept her maiden name and she doesn’t want to change her last name to his last name. He insisted to her that she must do this because it is a common tradition for married woman to take their husbands name. “You took my balls, now you must take my name.” This is what he reffered to as the tradition of a married couple. Rainbow considered herself to be a feminist and that a woman should have her own choices. One does not have to follow the norms that a woman must do, and so thats why she refused to take his last name. Rainbow also tells her daughter that its better to be an independent woman, but her daughter throws her off with a question.

“Can a woman be successful and take her husband’s name?”

Her daughter proved to her that not owning her husband’s last name will make her a more independent person because it actually doesn’t matter if you change your name or not.

In a small clip during the episode, we can see another pattern happen too about women and the roles they play at home. Rainbow and her mother Ruby, who she lives with, including Rainbow’s daughter prepare dinner in the kitchen before the guests come over. They also set up the table without the help of the guys in the house. After the guests come, which was one of Rainbow’s daughter who is a lesbian, Ruby has a hard time accepting her granddaughters sexuality which makes her unsure of what to say in a conversation. She asked her why wasn’t she driving a sports utility vehicle because she thought that lesbians would normally drive those kinds of cars.

In the episode, they throw out so many assumptions about what lesbians do, or how feminists think. For example, Rainbow’s son mentioned how “Gays always go big” or another character said that lesbians have hairy legs. And another thing that was mentioned about women changing their madiens name was quoted a this: “If the wife doesn’t take the man’s name, that is emasculating,” which in my opinion that’s just what they think, but it’s not exactly true.

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