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iCarly’s episode, iRocked the vote

Do the British hate us americans? And why are they so rude? We aren’t exactly told why in this episode of iCarly, but it shows so much hatred between us Americans and the British including lots of their stereotypes.

At the beginning of the episode, Carly and Sam are performing their usual webcast. They watch a show called America Sing during their broadcas and Carly tells their fans to vote for a singer named David Archuleta because they wanted him to win against Wade Collins who is a British competitor on America Sings. David then wins and Wade thinks it was unfair all because of the webshow iCarly telling fans to vote for David. And so Wade forces the iCarly team to make a music video for him in order to make him famous.

When Wade arrives to Seattle, where Carly and her friends live, they work on the music video, but have trouble with his attitude and personality. Wade constantly calls them “hob-knockers,” which is an offensive word that British people use, but Carly was confused because she didnt know what it meant. Then it lead to Wade ignoring everything and saying, “Im going downstairs to get some yah-gurt.” Carly then mocks his accent and repeats the word “yah-gurt?”

While working on the music video, Sam gets annoyed of Wade and calls him a hob-knocker. Then Wade told her, “Is that any way to talk to my mum?” And Sam looked at him with a confused look repeating “mum?” As that happens, Wade’s mother walks in saying, “Hello Love!” This little bit was a perfect description on how the British speak and act. Its so sophiscated, but rude.

Now, it was time to go live on their webshow and show everyone the music video they created for Wade, but they switched things up. Instead, they created a whole video on how Wade was such a rude person and it was a good thing he never won on America Sings. There were two specific things that Wade said in the video and it was, “You all are a bunch of stupid american girls” and “I hate America.” And I personally think this episode is trying to give us a different perspective on British people. That they can be rude, selfish, and disgusting people.

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