Do President Trump’s lies matter? I say, “yeah!”

It may seem petty and political to keep calling-out President Trump’s lies and mis-statements (along with those of his staff). But it’s important.

When Mr. Trump alluded to a terrorist attack that never happened in Sweden on Friday night during his campaign rally speech on February 18, 2017, he either showed ignorance or maliciousness — seeming to intentionally use lies to undermine reality and further his questionable agenda.

Either way, it is reckless to get a crowd amped up over an imaginary incident that never occurred. When the President plays fast-and-loose with the facts of national security matters, he creates public danger. When he does this at a campaign rally 30 days into his presidency, he shows extremely poor judgement.

Some may think this is just his style of talking, and that the details don’t matter — similar to Ralphie’s father in “A Christmas Story” — “My father worked in profanity the way other artists might work in oils or clay. It was his true medium, a master.”

But if we are really at a point where Ralphie’s father can rant aimlessly, and facts about national security don’t matter, then how are we supposed to work together to create a peaceful world? If facts don’t matter, what does?

Mr. Trump needs to talk honestly, and to stop trying to undermine the journalists who continue to rightly point out his blatant lies and falsehoods. The world is a wonderful place filled with opportunity and hope that can be achieved, as we work together to solve real problems. A president who insists on painting a world of imaginary danger is not helping anyone on any side of the aisle.