Social Media 101

Some people are just terrible at social media. Here are some tips of what NOT to do. And hey, look, I’m no expert. However I used to do social media as a living for official concert and festival accounts, so I suppose I do know a little something, but just use some common sense in this space. No one likes an idiot. Oh, and you don’t HAVE to take my advice… these are simply suggestions — but if you did, then your followers/friends will hate you just a little bit less. Also, I’m half joking here, so don’t read into this too much — but also read into it a lot.


  • Don’t oversaturate the feed with 12 photos of the same band that you’re seeing that night. No one really cares anyway. Just post ONE nice looking shot with a decent caption (throw in some hashtags so others can find it, add a geotag to it if you want), and be done with it.
  • If you’re commenting on your friend’s photo, don’t include their @username in the comment… they’ll still see the message.
  • However, going back to my previous statement… if someone has commented on your photo, and you’re responding back to them, include their @username in that comment so they can at least be alerted that you wrote back to them.
  • Don’t post blurry photos — treat this social network as an elegant portrayal of your art.
  • If you want to post a non-square photo, and instead illustrating a vertical or horizontal photo… you may want to use a third party app such as InstaSize. Those bars on the top & bottom (or left & right) of the photo could be an eyesore.
  • Don’t use too many filters on your photos. Instagram does offer filters to enhance your photos, but too much could make your photo too intense.


  • Tagging #NoFilter — your call. Not necessary, at all, but again, if that’s how you want to play, go for it.
  • Tagging 30 or 40 keywords within your description — a little cheesy, but it does help your photo to be discovered. Looks ridiculous though.
  • Selfies. Just… don’t. It’s the worst. We get it, you just changed your hair color and you want all of your followers to see. But 1 selfie every 4 hours? C’mon.


  • Don’t start a tweet with an @ mention. If you were to do that, then only the people that are following that account, and yours, will be able to see it in their feed.

I.E. @FooFighters are playing at @TheRoxy in #LosAngeles right now and they sound great!

By doing so, only your followers that are already following @foofighters will see that in their feed. You want to start the tweet using a regular word (or character) instead.

A better tweet would be:

I.E. Whoa, I’m seeing @FooFighters tonight at @TheRoxy in #LosAngeles and they sound great!

  • Oh, and don’t subtweet, it makes you look ridiculous.
  • Be sure to @ respond to other Twitter users so you don’t look like a robot. Also ridiculous.
  • These phrases are popular to use among millenials, but also irritating: You guys. This. Because ______. Bae. But first, coffee. On fleek.


  • Posting photos/videos delivers the most engagement (as opposed to posting links, which return the least engagement), so post 1 photo (or video) with a decent caption, again, and then be done with it. Oh, and one thing… don’t ONLY post photos of your newborn baby, no one wants to see that. Once in a while is fine, but space it out, if that’s how you want to post.
  • Don’t post status updates as if they’re tweets, posting a status update every 10 minutes. Post 1 piece of content every few hours (if you feel the need, that is) and let it sit. Chill out!
  • Don’t use the “poke” feature — it creeps everyone out.


  • If adding photos to your Snapchat Story, don’t set all photos to 10 seconds… it’s really annoying. Granted, you can skip through posts by tapping, but not everyone has figured that out yet. Set the photo to an adequate amount of time instead.
  • Chill with all of the videos, too. It’s just too much.

Alright, there’s my rant. Hope that you enjoyed it. Hit Recommend if you like this article!

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