There is not one instance in the history of geopolitics where “revolution through ashes” has turned…
Simon Phearson

There is no major differences in policy between the two. There is even a chance that Trump would be better than Hillary. Through ashes was meant to be a poetic or dramatic flair. The actuality of my sentiment lay with the concept that we may need someone terrible in an open way to move forward. I don’t recommend a bloody revolution but a real revolution. We don’t fight with violence against our current tyranny. We fight it through non violent activism and getting through to people. Hillary will be the same as her husband. She will be the same as Obama. She will be the same as bush. A simple silent continuation of a scripted play attempting to showcase itself as something genuine all the while our leaders Read the money fed teleprompter written by our owners. Stand with her and you stand with her owners.

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