Right now?
Kimberly Harrington

What are your fears about Trump? Specifically? He supports equal pay for women. He hasn’t supported any anti minority legislation based on race. He supports trans rights and GLBT rights historically. Even currently in the primary he has stated gay marriage is a non issue. He even supports single payer healthcare which is infinitely better than aca. His comments are concerning granted. It would suck to have a president who would say racist and sexist things. However what laws do you think he will pass to actually harm or subvert rights? What could he possibly pass by a semi reasonable Congress? Quit letting fear rule you for five seconds and realize that a Hillary’s plastic smile and perfectly crafted pre constructed politically correct jargon doesn’t change the fact she has never supported rights for minorities except when it suited her. Despite things said by either candidate which one has actually been directly involved in subverting stability in the middle East and perpetuated a state of war tearing apart an entire generation of a civilization? All for what? Profit of war mongering benefactors? This isn’t a defense of Donald Trump. This is a reality check for blindly biased supporters of a artificial candidate proclaiming validity in the face if it’s inherent absence. Are you afraid of Donald Trump then vote Bernie. The die is cast for those that are done with this system. It’s on you and those like you if Trump wins.