3.Activity:#Khudi ,Self Learning and Just Start Project

#Eidhi Sb’s reading

After reading Autobiography of Abdul Sattar Edhi I am much inspired by one of the Eidhi sb’s principles of progress #Khudi (just take start) and this is also the first principle of Amal’s principles of progress. As Eidhi sahib’s passion was to help handicapped, needy and poor people;he just took start towards achieving his goal and started from a very small level; he stuck to his goal .He would roam the streets looking for handicapped and destitute persons, he worked in a cloth shop where he earned just five rupees a month and he saved one rupee every month for buying shares so that he can collect money to help mankind, and ran forth and back collecting medicines from dispensary and delivering them all over the village. And in this way he succeeded to achieve his goal and he built an organization “Eidhi foundation” which helped countless people and still on its way to do so.

In my case I did the same thing ‘Amal’, I just started towards achieving my goal of learn cooking and I did it.Yahooo! I think taking an action towards achieving your goals and then remaining stick to it is the first key towards your success and that is something that I have experienced very well.

2.#Just Start Project

#Learn Cooking

I take cooking as my just start project this week. I was very keen of learning how to cook different dishes and I tried many times to take a start by cooking easy dishes and then move on towards dishes that are difficult to cook, but due to my busy schedule of studies I could not do that until my first year of graduation. During my first year of graduation I took a step toward fulfilling this volition and I think this is now the right time and I should take a start now.

Then I started by deciding to fulfill three tasks in order to achieve my goal. These tasks was following:

First: Managed time and tried to cook something daily

Second: Start cooking simple dishes and became an expert in those

Third: Watched cooking shows and videos and then tried to cook accordingly

In order to accomplish above tasks I started working on them one by one and it took almost a week to complete first task to be punctual to cook on daily basis by managing time. After being able to manage my time, I moved on towards my second task and started cooking very simple dishes like pulao, shami kabab, firni, Custard etc. It took almost two months to complete second task but completing this task was a proud moment for me and then I became more excited to learn about cooking of many more dishes and then I moved on to my third task and I used to watch different cooking shows like Handi with zubaida tariq, Masala morning hosted by Shireen Anwar and cooking videos by Chef Zakir and Chef Rahat and I also used to watch Master Chef, a reality based show and cooking competition and tried to cook dishes accordingly. Now, I can cook many dishes and I am still learning new dishes and I will continue my effort in this regard until I would become a cooking expert.

I take cooking in my just start project because I am very passionate to become a cooking expert to a level where I will know about cooking techniques of many more dishes about Which I have ever listened and I did much with it and still trying to be an expert in this regard.Untill I started doing efforts in this regard there was many challenges that came my way like I was not able to manage time to do cooking due to my busy schedule and workload of studies and was not taking any step to achieve my desire.

After completing my tasks towards achieving my goal I was very excited. This experience of setting a goal and then sticking to it to achieve it was wonderful and I think this is the key to achieve whatever we want to achieve in our life. We should devote our full efforts when we decide to do somethings regardless of how many challenges and difficulties come our ways.

I also met many challenges like I felt much difficulty in sticking towards completion of my tasks as it was very difficult for me to manage time for these activities along with my studies but I did it.From this challenging experience I learned that we can achieve everything by just taking a start and then reaching our full potential to achieve our goal with positive efforts and hardwork.Now I am planning to do a baking and cooking course under expertise and will do it in my near future In Shaa ALLAH !

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