Amal Fellowship Experience

Amal fellowship is that platform where my skills more develop with the increasing day by day. Before to start this fellowship not idea Where am I exist in the world and which lackness include in my personality how to overcome this. During Amal fellowship activities participation and telling a story about weakness and strength go to stage also make me more participating and responsive person which become wonder for me.The main thing of this fellowship is to making good and strong resume with cover letter and also grow up by teaching how to dress up for interview and become more stronger interviewee during interview. From start to end it was nice experience for me and dignity of me as well to become the part of this fellowship. From this fellowship learn a lot How to become persuasive leader and become more professional. The main lesson is to become always consistent, life long learner and do your hard work with consistency this is important because life is full of difficulties but you make life more happy by doing your work with consistency and become persuasive leader for others. In professional life different people come in life some are very bad and give bad lesson but some are very helpful in making suggestions to achieve your dreams like mentor. My mentor is my mother which never lose heart in her life and she always become follower of me all qualities which I learn from fellowship she has already so in practical I have an example how to achieve dreams and become leader in life. I am very thankful to my God for taking a nice chance to become the part of Amal fellowship which grow up me by providing knowledge and good platform.