How I plan to become a better learner:

It is compulsory to learn new things day by day and become good learner. I faced many challenges during learning like to pay properly attention towards projects, study due to under completion of other work like do help with mother in home work and received sometimes guests. Some time I cannot pay attention towards work because of so much thinking about other matters in same time which makes me so much lazy and in that time the best decision is just to quit from study and delay work on next day. These all things are bad so takeaways are to take 25 minutes relaxation from work and keep practice continue till to achieve success. In that situation when don’t know how to become more interesting person start to become from positive directions. These all techniques are very effective for spending good and healthy life. I adopt these all techniques in my life in that situation when I was so much under pressure and don,t know how to complete this work this done by taking 25 minutes break from work or do long exercises for blood circulation and continue my practices in life.

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