Lessons from outdoor session:

It was nice and great experience with my Amal fellows to spend a memorable day by going into Old Lahore and Fortress Square Mall. I enjoyed most by spending time with fellows in Old places of Lahore and extremely interested to know about places and stories of these places. I was not becoming the tour guider while becoming the excited learner. I learned that without fellows it was not possible to enjoy more. From Old placed it has learned that without unity and democracy not possible to keep governance more than a decade in city/ country. In governance of rulers, Demo craters have major power. So, in life if you control your desires, wants and devote your life for others it will transform into happiness moments for others. All life become full of ups and downs but without proper planning maintenance in life is not possible. So, try to become life long learner and never tire with your downward situations because it push you towards achieving highest level of life and after this shining like star in the sky.