Instead of casting healthcare as a human right, we should conceive the lack of healthcare as a problem for civil, political, and family freedom. Policies are not legitimate because they affect humans; they are legitimate because they enable or degrade the modes of self-determination humans, as choosing selves relatively free from biological determination, happen to be able to engage in.

The problem with illness is that stops us from being able to realize our freedom, e.g., fulfilling responsibilities of our free families and participating in civil society. …

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I’m reading debates in early modern philosophy, and I’m amused by how much they help explain our contemporary political problems. I think I can write this down in plain English. Here you go:

We want to be able to categorize the world, not just in the abstract, but we want our categories to reach all the way down and account for individuals’ properties in existence. …

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The idea that choice is the same as freedom is a disaster. I’m going to explain why in a piece that takes three minutes to read.

Choices are degrading if you aren’t reflected in the options among which you choose. It’s like a vegetarian who walks into a restaurant that only serves beef, chicken, and fish. …

Irami Osei-Frimpong

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