Five Random Acts of Kindness

Kindness is that factor of life from which you can get more things by showing with others and lose everything from your life by don’t show to others. In our daily life we can do more work by interacting with fellows’ relatives and other members. If we can treat unethically with kids they response badly against this action which is not good for me as elder person and also not good for kids as becoming the habit of them and they use everywhere. But to complete this project I have done 5 different kindness activities to show others and learn a lot. The first activity is to made rottee and salan for my family members first time which push me towards to take more support or encouragement from my mother sisters, brother and father with this prayer grow more in life and become the support of family always. It is the feeling which I felt first time and become more cheerful. The second activity is to collect fund from relatives for Edhi foundation which teach me how to collect money from individuals and why. How Edhi Sahab does this work alone and achieved such a big task in his life this is very impressive for me. The third activity is to do help of my sister in writing an assignment of Physics. After completing this assignment sister gives good response by saying thanks and give chocolates. At this moment I feel myself as supportive person for others. The fourth is to help my mother for bring market items like as soap, detergents, vegetables etc. The fifth activity is to do help of others by suggesting how to reduce our house hold disputes. These all activities of kindness teach me that money is not enough in life but kindness and good behavior also make life more perfect and prosperous. Even when we are in group we can help each other by providing financially support, become good communicator or showing kindness. From this way we get more productivity of group and become most high level group. After doing all the activities I feel very comfort, relaxed and rich person in the world which has not tension and everybody give support to me.

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