A Captains Word…

Mendis at short leg with quick reflexes collects ,flicks an underarms and fittingly ends the game. The trophy named after the greatest ‘offie’ stays home. The elated captain grabbing a wicket leads team to a huddle and lets his ‘offie’ lead the team to a victory lap after a historic series win.

Barely a week ago after the famous victory the captain had publicly singled out his ‘offie’ performance was disappointing. Nothing drives fear to a cricketer than loosing his captains trust. Couple that with a young chinaman who spins the ball wider than the infectious smile lurking for his place.

Come Galle, the second test,the finger spinner delivers innocent looking ‘darts’ that dips,turns and skids leaving batsmen clueless and defeated, not one but ten, four in the first and six in the second ,coupled with a sixty four makes the ‘offie’ the first Sri Lankan to do a ten and a fifty in 250 tests. Also becoming the fastest Sri Lankan to fifty test wickets, beating even the great one.

The captain has gone through a tough few months some even questioning his credentials as captain. One of his former mates suggested he must ‘makes thing happen’. He is famous for cricketing heists, starting with the famous one day win with the ‘Slinger’ against the same opponents in Melbourne 2010. But he might have done the most cunningly crafted heist with that words last week .

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