Good photo is not enough, tell a story!

What Instagram’s 2017 Year in Review can tell us about people? They all like babies!

The most-liked photo of 2017 is a photo of pregnant Beyonce. It has more than 11 mln likes now. People call it “iconic” and I think it is!

The second one is Cristiano Ronaldo with his wife after childbirth. It also has already more than 11 mln likes. As for me, it is really cute and happy photo and I liked it too.

In the third place is a photo of Selena Gomez with her friend in the hospital. Francia Raisa donating her kidney to Selena. This photo has a big and touching description, that causes sense.

Next photos are also photos of this three celebrities.Most of them show Beyonce and Ronaldo with children and a couple with Selena and her boyfriend.

Maybe the reason for this is that Selena Gomez is the most followed celebrity of the year. Ronaldo is on the second and Beyonce is in the fourth place. Obviously, they have the most of likes. But why only them?

Posting beautiful photo is not enough for Instagram anymore. It should have an affective story and cause strong feelings. This applies mostly to personal branding, but you can always use it for your business. This is what Nike doing.

Young Cristiano Ronaldo

It is a really good post. Unfortunately, some users of Instagram noticed Ronaldo wore Adidas on the photo. So, Nike should be more careful and tell only their own stories.

As to the above said, if you wanna grow your Instagram account, tell people true and touching stories. It is not easy, I know. But as an example, you can post a photo with a happy smile. Everybody knew that Instagram pictures with faces are more popular?

With love,