Topic of the day: Applying renewable energy technologies in developing countries

My master’s project idea will evolve in an area where maybe others have worked on, but so far not too much were implemented with respect to the use of renewable energy sources. Mainly I am thinking about solar energy that could be affordable and necessary for people living in poor areas. As I had the idea of linking the project with basic needs, my research for the masters will cover part of this subject. The focus will be on the bottom of the Maslow pyramid of needs, especially the need for healthy food, clean water and affordable shelter.

While writing here, I will explore this topic as much as I am able to. For example, I might consider the necessity for breathing as the need for clean air, which means less polluted air. About this question of pollution, it is necessary to find the area of project implementation which are the main causes of air pollution and study renewable energy technologies that could be applied in each case. In this example, the main causes would probably be linked with the industry or the use of fossil fuel cars. Sometimes it could be the original source of energy used in that area, such as petrol, coal or charcoal for industrial processes for example.

I believe that by exploring these topics in an organized line of thoughts and ideas, I will be able to understand and address the main problems faced by the communities in developing countries.