Topic of the day: Forgotten technologies

The sun — our main source of energy (from

I did not know much about old technologies that were developed during late 1800’s and mid-1900’s until I read the book Lost Science, written by Gerry Vassilatos. So many fabulous inventions and unbelievably most were taken away by powerful companies, dirty politics and influential businessperson.

However, these ideas and prototypes, even forgotten or hidden from society, were not completely erased from history. There are records and patents describing how uncommon and powerful these technologies were. Developments such as “Od energy” by Baron von Reichenbach, the “Teletrofono” by Antonio Meucci, “Earth telephone” by Nathan Stubblefield, “Radiant electricity” and “Broadcasting power” by Nikola Tesla, and the “Fusor technology” by Dr. Farnsworth, when described seem like fiction.

These developments defied the accepted science from that time, being until nowadays incomprehensible for modern scientists. The “Earth battery” for instance, a principle studied by Von Reichenbach, Sr. Meucci and Tesla, proved that is possible to harness energy from the ground in specific spots, not using any additional device.

I believe that everything happening here in this world is based on an exchange of energy, from micro-nuclear cells to the movement of galaxies. Everything is connected and changing all the time.

The most remarkable technology described in the book, in my opinion, is the “Clean fusor”, capable of supplying energy from atomic fusion in a safe way, far different from the modern atomic energy which is dangerous and leaves a burden of waste material for future generations.

I have a dream of developing renewable energy systems applying these ancient technologies, helping as many people as possible around the world. I reckon that it will be necessary a huge effort, focus and persistence to acquire all this knowledge, and eventually fight against the powerful companies that control the markets and want to keep things the way it is.

In a way, it is exactly what I am looking for, coming to these different places and connecting with like-minded people, broadening my horizons and thinking out-of-the-box.

If you like reading, Lost Science is a great choice. It is based on scientific facts at the same time that tells the story of outstanding inventors from our recent past.

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