Topic of the day: Overcoming obstacles

To achieve evolution, every human being needs to overcome obstacles during his life. There are so many unexpected conditions that you will have to face and show your best.

Failure will occur sometimes, but it will just happen to test our resistance and persistence. There will be times when our esteem is low and it could be easy to blame external conditions for our feelings and failures. Nevertheless, these obstacles occur because we need to learn from them.

If we are prepared to be successful, to win, we will battle bravely and accept the challenge, even if it seems to be more complex than we previously thought.

The taste of victory, the lessons learned, the smile on the winner face… all of these are proofs that it’s worth it. Our efforts weren’t in vain. If we didn’t succeed, it means that we are not prepared yet for the next stage. We need to amplify our concentration, reevaluate our performance, define new strategies, broaden our knowledge and then take the next attempt in a different way.

The help that we can get from others is invaluable. Never underestimate experience and wisdom. Even when it seems a totally different direction than we were expecting.

We know such a little fraction of the vast knowledge available, that one can stay studying and learning for the entire life and there will be a world still to know.

However, it’s not necessary to absorb all the knowledge available.

What is needed is to set a path and follow the way, learning at every possible moment, taking opportunities when available and seizing the day. The path is as important or even more than the destiny.

So, keep trying, keep discovering, keep expanding, keep overcoming all obstacles, you will succeed. I will succeed. It’s a matter of determination.

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