As I said before the definition of sexual assault can vary in many different parts of the world. Its definition is influenced by cultural values, societal norms, gender roles, human rights, legal initiatives and crime. Over the years the definition of sexual assault has evolved. Even though the definition of sexual assault has changed it stills seems to be creating a division between people and what they consider sexual assault.

Many people focus on the victim which is not wrong to do. We are seeking justice for them. That is what our country promotes! However, it is difficult to promote justice when many people focus on asking questions that do not even matter. Mostly in cases when the sexual assault was rape. Some of these questions include:

What were you wearing ?
Were you drunk ? 
Were you flirting ?

I took the time to research some sexual assault cases. I read various articles and watched many different videos. It was the comments that made me realize there is so much more than just the victim and the predator.

Many people focus on irrelevant questions while others focused on race. It was crazy to see absurd comments on how race was considered a factor in why the predator decided to rape his victim.

People seem to have created an ‘ideal’ victim and sex offender. For instance, if the victim was wearing a skirt and a tank top when she got raped. Then, it should not be considered rape because she provoked her predator.

It is sad that many people still think in this form and actually blame the victim for their rape. Did they forget about consent? Does this mean I can not wear anything that society believes will provoke a man from assaulting me? Then what is the proper way to dress?

With the Brock Turner case the majority of people believed he did not get enough time in jail. That his sentence was not enough to pay for the crime he committed. Others believed he received this sentence because of ‘white privilege.’ Many people believed it was Turner’s victim fault because she was drunk.

Some of the comments made me cringe more than others however they did help me understand that we are not all progressing. People have different backgrounds and tradition that influence their beliefs and their views on topic like these. Many comments opened a whole other window for me which is RACE. From comparing cases I understand why people are angry and believe race is a huge factor in deciding a sentence. For this reason I believe many people’s opinion can bring new arguments and factors to the table.

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