“I Don’t Need Your Network…” Revisiting 2009
Will Richardson

What we do in Albemarle County:

We’re both BYOD and One-to-One. Kids of course bring their own tools, but we need a baseline that assures a quality experience. So we give real laptops to our kids, with tons of software. And everything connects to our networks.

Our students have full control of their laptops, because… it’s their personalized learning device, and they need to learn how to use that.

We’re developing student technology teams at every level to fix hardware and software — it’s our path to peer-to-peer fix-it.

We give kids lots of accessibility tools — and they don’t need IEPs. We want kids who know how to create their learning environment.

We believe in continuous connectivity. Kids can’t learn the world of today without using the tools of today in school.

  • Ira Socol
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