Hi, all!
I want to tell you about people I met in the ESS.
The first person is Juliana; she is my teacher. She is from California and loves it so much (no). There is too hot to go outside. But you know it is difficult to be always at home. She likes water polo. As there are a lot of scorpions in California, I have a lollipop with one of them.

The lollipop with such a beautiful scorpion, I haven’t tried it yet.

She tries to teach us phrases they use in everyday English. Also, this week is writing a week, so we wrote a formal letter, a cover letter, a resume. We are working on the anthem for ESS. Do you know that playing games in English is one of the best way to use your vocab? It is intensive and interesting too. Juliana said I can go to her home once, so see you later. ……..No, it is too expensive.

prices for fly

In evenings we have a tutor hour. What is it? You have 15 minutes to talk with a native speaker. You choose a topic, ask what you want to know about his / her life or country at all.