Ira and ESS

Hi! I’m a student at computer science UCU. Thanks that I am at ESS English Summer School now.

How did it start for me? I was late for ESS for three days, as I was in Turkey.

Sunrise, near 6:00 am.

I arrived at Lviv at 10:00 am, repacked my luggage. I was in Bryukhovychi at 12:00 pm, the road from home to ESS took half an hour. So, yes, I am fast. But there are several disadvantages for quick packing as you can forget something. I left the book “Pokrov” (“By blood”) Lyuko Dashvar, I was reading, and a dress. However, I started reading my friend’s book “Someone mistakes on the Internet” Asya Kazantseva, and I like it. The book is about the different researches on controversial topics.

Return to ESS; I’m in a room with Mary and Marta, we are classmates in the school and the university. We have a lovely room with the beds, the table, the nightstand, the wardrobe, the shower. Our campus is near the forest, so we are close to nature.

Trees near the campus and a sky

The disadvantage is that the shop is 20 minutes walk and we can’t go on our own, only with mentors (it is for our safety). Who are mentors? They are one of the coolest in the ESS; they are students from UCU too. I need to tell you about teachers. They are nice, superb, native speakers and have excelent tutoring skills,