3 tips for increasing customer engagement.

Good customer engagement strategies make it easier to:

  • Communicate new features and updates
  • Collect feedback on existing product features
  • Generate more revenue through an increase in the number of customers
  • Decrease churn or increase retention
  • Improve Net Promoter Score

1. Engage via Social Media

1 out of every 7 minutes spent online is spent on Facebook. 1 billion customer review videos are watched daily on YouTube. Social media has become the part and parcel of everyday living as the best medium to reach and engage consumers. It is also the best medium for business amplification because social media regularly connects people to friends, family and the brands they want and need, creating a lasting impact.

When consumers are happy with a business, they naturally promote the businesses products and services. One way to connect people with brands is through using images because visuals get more attention and engagement. These images can vary from new office equipment to an image of a happy customer from a testimonial. It is also very important to be wise when resolving questions and concerns from social media users because it only takes one disappointed customer to damage a brand’s image.

2. Ask for feedback

It is of utmost importance to learn from your customers. Encourage your customers to rate your products and services as well as recommend to their networks. Many customers while purchasing new products read the reviews or ratings provided by others and then decide whether to buy the product or not. It’s also important to respond to this feedback early and regularly. This will allow you to showcase and share positive comments made and will allow you to please unhappy customers after they have posted negative comments about your brand. By offering instant solutions to problems, you can convert those incidents into great opportunities for your company to sell the brand as this helps strengthen brand trust and improves the overall customer experience. A survey conducted by Dimensional Research stated that an overwhelming 90 percent of respondents who recalled reading or watching online reviews claimed that positive online reviews influenced their buying decisions, while 86 percent said negative online reviews influenced their buying decisions. This shows customer feedback engages potential customers to buy into a brand, especially if they see positive feedback.

3. Spoil your customers

Giving rewards and sweet incentives can further reinforce customer engagement. We all love being spoilt. Majority of the great companies like UBER run enticing reward programs to help customers earn points, stars or at times cash. The system of rewards works best when customers feel engaged with the brand and gains don’t need to be monetary gains to benefit them. A reward is as simple as a free service without any more cost. This will encourage customers to make more use of your products and services to maximize their benefits through reward programs, while increasing your customer loyalty. An example of the success of reward programs is seen in viral marketing. Companies like UBER who offer credit in return for their customers sharing their app’s have been rewarded with a huge explosion in their user base as a result, which then increases revenue. And let’s not forget, that rewarding your customers also does wonders for your net promoter score.


It is more profitable for a company to keep customers and not acquire new customers through customer engagement because social engagement plays a major role in customer retention. These effective customer engagement tactics can help your brand increase profits, sales and more by satisfactorily meeting the needs of customers. At Sentview we’re working with brands on helping them better understand and learn from their customers through the influencers they trust on social video platforms like YouTube. If you’re a brand looking to engage and learn more from your customers to increase your revenue profits then head of to www.sentview.com to start your free trial now.