Ahas, melt-throughs and healings

I have been running the #becometheartistyouare challenge again.

This time the first week proves to be enlightening, as usual. Here, have a peek at my inner and artistic process:

Day 1

This is a very bad picture of my “bad” drawing. These are my findings…

…it is difficult for me to make a bad drawing because I know there is no such thing.

…”bad”, when I try to make it bad means for me with unsuitable means (such as a biro), done in a quick manner and sloppily…

…yet, even that does not make it bad. I can accept it…and felt drawn into the process of fun furry flufiness.

…all this brought up the memories of the school days when we were asked to draw all sorts of s…t I was not really interested in. The teacher said I did not try “hard enough”, always went outside the lines,…and my funny ideas such as a skating birdie for a christmas card were not accepted.

…I could not bring myself just some random thing, I was drawn to the teddy on the sofa. It made me think and remember all the teddies I had had in my life. There were two. One I gave away to a younger friend when I was twelve because the little girl really like it. The second I one I was given at the clinic by my sister, when I was recovering from a split up with my ex-husband. This third one is not mine really, but I have it in my living room now. A silent witness :-).

Funny, right, a what a “stupid” lill’ bad drawing can conjure up, right?

Day 2

Inspiration from within…this is the piece I created with Day 2 prompt. By drawing a line and drawing inspiration from it.

The outcome is a neverending mobius strip in a starry background…which turns out to be made of paper too. At the same time they are black and white and waiting on colours to be brought in, thinking about it.

Looking at it I get a sense of completion, yet journey ahead of me. And a child-like urge to colour in the stars in the background. Perhaps I should do it. What do you think?

The more I look at it, the more a right way it seems. Will keep you updated.

Day 3

Today, drawing inspiration from the outside…I was drawn to the insides of things, going in, leaning over the edge of expectation, inside and beyond the frame. But then, unlike Alice in Wonderland, I got scared I might go down the Rabbit Hole (never read the whole book, so bear with me) never to return back…so instead I turned my attention to the Dada messages the book covers on my shelves were sending me.

“Total Artist’s Wordpower, Participation”. Or “WordPower — Artist’s Total Participation”. That is more like it. Yes, there is power to be had and felt when I participate fully as an artist.

Looking forward to what the rest of the month brings in. What will I make of it? And others who are in the challenge too! Exciiiiting.

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