Everyday Courages, Manifesto Image, 2011

Everyday Courages

Five and a half years ago, I created the Everyday Courages photographic series.

For a week, as part of a digital photography class run by an American writer/photographer Dion McInnis, I walked around my then home town of Pilsen, looking at what it is that I saw.

Two days into the process, I realized I had been looking at my everyday courages.

See, then I was recovering from another of a series of “mental health” hiccups (story too long and contagious to fit in here for lack of adequate words).

Making these everyday courages visible has helped me on the way back into life. I am not going to write “normal” life. For the above stated reason.

Everyday Courages to get up, get lost, find yourself again, get hurt, create, hang loose, grow, smile and touch. 2011

Now, five years on, I have decided to revisit that concept and see if and how these everyday courages of mine have changed.

And you can join me. I am not sure where this is going yet exactly, however I feel, I might not be the only one in need of Everyday Courages on here.

What are your Everyday Courages?

Do tell. Do show. Do share. #everydaycourages