How to solve the NHS crisis…

…stay healthy.

And this I mean not as a cynical, simplistic or any other dismissive or sneering comment. But as a simple fact. Or maybe…suggestion.


…we all take responsibility for our bodies, minds and spirits…there will be less need for the NHS or adult social care…or any other social care.


That depends on where we are. This is my lill' recipe, which has been helping me regain health after a biiig breakdown of (my) system.


  • the soil is not full of nutrients as it used to be, because of the changes in agriculture over the past fifty plus years. We no longer fallow. To support your health use Fulvic Ionic Minerals. Careful about fillers in many products on the market.
  • look at your diet…I have managed to lose 25 kg on a mixture of chia seeds breakfasts, no sugar, no wheat, only organic food, and the above mentioned minerals. Interestingly enough, when I reverted to the “normal” diet, I gained the weight back despite exercise. Now slimming again.
  • Move about…in a way that brings you joy and respects your body.
  • Careful about SLS, propylene glycol and the lot…use Dr. Organic or other “free from” cosmetics and household products.


  • try finding a good coach…and potentially a good therapist to gain an insight into how your mind/set works and how you can change that should you wish to.
  • Feed the good wolf.


  • I swear by . Do whatever to nourish yourself in a life-affirming and peaceful way. It is very practical.
  • Stay happy :-)

That is the basis of how I look after myself. There are many other ways I can do that — when it comes to relationships, community, environment… for starters, I stick with the basics…and it seems to be working.

I have not solved the NHS crisis…but I am doing my best not to contribute to it. As a patient.

P.S. Take responsibility now, before it is too late, and you really need someone's help. No matter how great the NHS is, or used to be, it is not a good place to be. Or is it?

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