Inspired By…inspiring and digging myself

by creating “answers” to my favourite work of art

Creating paraphrases is a powerful way of finding out more about the paraphrased work…and yourself, and your own process too.

That is why there is a week of Inspired By… process in the #becometheartistyouare challenge. Creating answers to different aspects of the work leads to more in-depth insight and new avenues.

Day 9 #becometheartistyouare challenge response to Meret Oppenheim’s Object, 1936

For example after last week spent dealing with Meret Oppenheim’s work (I was just drawn to her Objet from 1936 on a spur of the moment) I am now working on a painting based around this poem I created as part of the challenge:

Cups in furs,/fluffy lumps of sugar/poisoning the water/the white doe came to/drink from the coffee cup/on my bedside table while/I am dreaming about art/as spirit, not decoration.

“Art is about spirit, not decoration.” Meret Oppenheim’s quote inspired photograph
Dress up your cup, Day 12 #becometheartistyouare prompt’s response

Other participants have reported deepened engagement with their creative process, unexpected aha moments and learnings, both in art therapeutic/self-experiential level and artistic too.

The #becomethartistyouare process is on, on ongoing basis, I am still here, digging it, functioning as a coach in residence in the closed FB Arting forum. Join us for some serious fun and stretching beyond the comfort zone. After all, that is where true learning and life start.