Selfie, 2016

I have been painting…self/portraits…again.

This time it has come about as a way of connecting. To friends, to family, to myself. And recovering…from the latest bout of health issues.

I have first started painting #aportraitadaykeepsthedoctoraway in acrylics, as a way of connecting to myself. A self-portrait a day has helped me to see myself for where I was at and ground myself more in my body and feelings.

#aportraitadaykeepsthedoctoraway and #seemetoseeyourself sketches

I also asked my friends to be portrayed…as we spoke online, me being far away from “home”, settling in in a new home. These skype portraits started off as a bit of fun…

…yet, the portrayees (is there a word like that?) reported two interesting things…I have managed somehow to tap into their own feelings, where they were at currently and make them see it for themselves better.

My nieces, 2016 when they got the dresses I had sent them. This portrait has been done partly from a photograph, as it is very difficult to have younger children sit down :-)
sometimes I experimented with the media, this was feltips and acrylics, Flavia, 2016
Jitka, 2017, in progress/unfinished

I have started calling these sessions #seemetoseeyourself. As there is something special that is brought up in those ninety plus minutes I spend with the person over skype, sitting in silence or listening, painting — perhaps it is a connection, the way I witness them, the way I see them and put that on the canvas…

#seemetoseeyourself sketches and paintings from 2016

…who knows.

Either way, I would like to continue with the project, so if you want to #seemetoseeyourself, get in touch :-).

At the moment I charge a fee for materials. And for postage, if you want the resulting painting sent by post. You always get the portrait image in high resolution digital form. Interested? Contact me.