The Alchemy…of Accepting my Fury

How I went from denying to accepting my fury in five days

This week I have gone through one hell of a rollercoaster…and not only because of the #GE in the UK.

I have been having a guided dialogue with my repressed and hushed parts and bits. And what emerged did not completely surprise me, but its intensity did.

It turns out that I have been harbouring a lot of repressed anger…well, not really anger…a raging fury. Really.

As I started to engage with it and transform it through an #art #therapeutic process, letting my #body lead the way I have noticed I had been able to #express it yet stay #calm and #composed inside. How can #peace and #anger go together? The mind is raging, and in my case I know that rightly so. The Self is in peace. It has been an interesting experience.

Here are the first three step of the alchemic process

I first engaged with the deepest held secret, things I was trying to avoid…and expressed my feelings around them. Fury…not anger came up.

I asked it what it needed…and it told me it neded to grow…so I planted it to the tune of Running to Stand Still by U2...

It then told me never to forget it and keep it in mind…thus I transformed it once again…making a fury ring which could be worn as a headpiece or a necklace too…reminding me of fierce wounding and healing.

I had worn the ring all day long, it never left me…and it got a bit destroyed…so naturally it was asking for protection…it thus grew into a fury wing…to be protected and flown.

Wing of Fury

Today I had thanked my Fury for leading the way in the process…which manifested itself physically in my body by risen temperature, higher energy, sleepless night on the high followed by need for sleep and recuperation. I followed.

I have created another wing…so that there was a set of these #wings of fury…and hung them in my studio to be used whenever needed. Used to fly.

In five days I have gone from #denying, to #acknowledging, #accepting #feelingfully the #emotions and #expressing them, through to #transforming them in various ways to #askingthemforhelp to #having them there as a kind of a#guardian #angel #tool. The angel coming to save myself being… #me.

Thank you Jessica Serran for leading the way. Even if I had been through similar processes before and guided others through them, the process has really helped me when guided/facilitated by you this time round.

P.S. Of course…things have started happening too…magic? I doubt that.

Irena Ellis is an artist/educator/creativity coach running #becometheartistyouare challenge, a mixture of a #selfexperiential programme and an #art class, to get you into creative groove and stay there, no matter what you prior arting experience is. With twenty minutes a day arting discipline.