4 Types of Cheaters That Most Golfers Meet at The Course

It doesn’t matter whether you are playing in a Tampa, Texas or Dallas golf club, you will always come across that one golfer who tries to break the rules of the game and create his own rules. Well, you do not call him ‘the innovator’; rather he is a cheater on the field. Even if the match is being played casually that doesn’t mean one can break the norms of golf. After all, golf is a gentleman’s game. Here are the four common types of ‘cheating’ you encounter in a golf course. Take not and tee off!

Beware the Man Whose Golf Pencil Has an Eraser

This is a very popular saying in golf that warns players about those types of golfers who have the habit of erasing a score from the scorecard and replacing it with a lower one. They would even erase a stroke every now and then from their memory. Don’t be surprised if you come across a player who insists to have hit four strokes to when you know it’s actually seven. These types of players are easily identifiable because they seem to get out of bunkers without any difficulties. You will find them hitting the ball into the woods and take lesser shots to get out, declaring himself as a bogey. An eraser usually ’forgets’ counting the penalty strokes. So, be careful of such players and keep a note on his actions.

The Ball Dropper

They are the ones who come ‘prepared’ for all those wayward shots. What’s their secret? A few extra golf balls in their pockets. Ouch! After playing their shots, they wander to find the ball, and when no one is looking, place the extra ball at a convenient position and shout out ‘found it!’ These players use a variety of tactics. While some claim any ball lying around as his, others really go the extra mile — they cut a hole in the pocket and drop the extra ball through it. Never thought of that, right? Be careful the next time you find a golfer finding his golf ball too easily and too soon.

Bumper, Foot and Hand Wedgers

You know, the only way you can touch the golf ball while playing is through that stick. But there are some players who have the habit of using foot and hands to putt. Surprised? Well, these players do exist. In case the hole is right behind a tree, a foot wedger will kick the ball, when no one is looking and declare his par. Then there is the hand wedger who has the audacity to pick up the ball from the ground and toss it in the direction suitable for him. And then, there is the bumper, the person who writes his own book of rules. When no one is looking, he gives the ball a little bump with the club that he is about to use for the next shot. Or he can even move the ball slightly closer to the hole while using his ball marker.

The I-Don’t-Know-the-Rules Type

Every sport has its own set of rules, and even if you are a new player or playing it just for fun, you must familiarize yourself with these. Maybe not with all the convoluted details, but with the basics. However, you would always find a few golfers who ‘practice’ their own set of ‘rules’ on the course and when challenged say, ‘Oh that’s a rule, I didn’t know that!’

Beware of these ‘players’ the next time you visit one of the upscale golf clubs of Dallas or other popular destination. Because to play golf well, you must play it fair. That’s yet another rule that no one must forget.