Protect Children From The Impact Of Electromagnetic Radiation

Have you seen how comfortably children use modern gadgets these days? At times, you can even find them helping an adult with certain settings in the phone with ease. They can play on the laptops often without any help, flip through the pictures using the touch-screen feature of a tablet and even switch on or off any electrical device like a pro. With advancement of technology, children have upgraded themselves because of their inquisitive nature. A survey says, these technologies have become their toy of delight and it has even replaced the outdoor playful mood.

Parents have also been seen taking the help of these gadgets to pacify their children. Some let the kids play on their devices and some parents have given them a personal gaming or educational tool. But this increasing addiction to technology affects health of the children because they get easily exposed to electromagnetic radiations. In order to stop such vulnerabilities, the use of EMI shielding material becomes mandatory, not only to optimize the performance of a gadget, but also to prevent the harmful effects of such radiation on health.

How Gadgets are Affecting Children?

For a 6 year old kid accessing tablet is as easy as a pie; you will be astonished looking at the capabilities of the child and end up praising, how it can boost the competitive skills. You believe the brain will develop fast because the little one is happily solving puzzles on the device. So, you will conclude that gadgets can be an excellent learning tool for your children. But what you are missing is the negative sides of the continuous use of gadgets.

Children are still at their delicate stage. They do have resistance power but that is still at the nascent level. Unlike adults, the children’s bodies are not yet mature. Their responses to environmental changes are not very strong; hence exposing their immature bodies to excessive electromagnetic radiation is an enormous mistake.

What are Electromagnetic Radiation?

Electronic devices release a form of energy, which is known as Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). This can easily penetrate the body while you are using laptops or any other electrical products. Devices like computer processors, hard drives emit Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation and WiFi and cellular connections create Higher Frequency Radio Frequency (RF). Irrespective of the name, both are very harmful to the human body. The longer you are in proximity to this radiation the greater is your chance to experience potential health risks. So, if a child uses laptop or Smartphone for a short time span, he or she becomes susceptible to radiation dangers even more than the adult.

How Do EMFs Affect Children?

In 2011, a US paper published that the impact of radiation can even be found on embryos and fetuses. It also states that the risks of exposure vary at specific intervals of human development. In case a child is exposed to EMRs at two to seven weeks of gestation period, it can result in birth defects, miscarriage or stillbirths. As per a World Health Organization study, radiations emitting from cell phone and other wireless devices increase the possibility of human carcinogen.

One of the direct impacts of EMFs is leukemia and it has accounted to 25–35 percent of all childhood malignancies. In developed countries, there has been a rapid growth of cancer, reaching its height at the age of three and then declining once again. Brain cancer is yet another negative impact of EMFs resulting from the electronic devices. 20 percent of all Central Nervous System (CNS) tumors are found among children who are below the age of 15. The developed countries are more prone to CNS tumors than the developing nations.

According to the Stewart Report, children absorb up to 60 percent more energy than adults when using a laptop. The radiations penetrate through the bone marrow and leave 10 times greater impact leading to issues like darkening of the skin, DNA damage, fertility issues and many other health concerns.

How to Stop This Penetration?

You cannot stop your child from using these electronic devices, and electromagnetic waves are bound to enter the body. However, you can of course minimize the impact of the rays with electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding. This shield is made of conductive or magnetic materials that can create barriers to such waves. It basically creates an enclosure that isolates electrical devices from the environment.

An electromagnetic radiation is a combination of electric and magnetic fields that is generated by the circuit. The shield is basically a metal box that does not allow the emission to penetrate. The forces produced get displaced inside the metal conductor, restricting any chances of unwanted transfer of energy. As far as the amount of deduction is concerned, it depends on a number of factors that include thickness, material, the size of the shielded volume, and so on. Usually, nickel, silver, brass, and stainless steel are commonly used for shielding.

The nature of EMI shielding also depends on the level of frequency. For low frequency radiation, the shielding has to be made of a layer from soft magnetic material that has a high level of permeability and it should have a thickness that can decrease the intensity of magnetic field. The high frequency radiation can be controlled through a thin conductive shield with low permeability, which restricts the increasing waves. However, this shield cannot control the intensity of low frequency waves. Basically, the shell does not absorb waves of the field; rather the electric charges of varying polarity create an electric field that cancels the effect of the original field. Higher the intensity of the EMI, the thinner is the conductive layer.

It is a fact that the EMF disturbances can affect the performance level of an electrical circuit. On one hand, when the EMI shielding material is minimizing the radiation effect, it is also assisting the circuit to program easily and optimally. Children have a sensitive body and shielding is the only way to curtail the harmful impact of radiation. It may not be possible to stop the kids from the joy of using such interesting gadgets; hence EMI shielding is the only resort to protect them from life threatening diseases.