“One of the attributes of Russia, that should be realized first of all is its immensity. It seems that Moscow is quite distant from the Western Europe, but in fact, it is situated rather close to the western bound of Russia. The geographical center of the country is most likely Novosibirsk, especially because Siberia occupies almost all its eastern half. Everything in Russia is large-scale: geography, history, passions, emotions, tragedies. Very this immensity underlies the understanding of God of Russians, that emphasizes His greatness and the awe that He arouses. No other understanding of Divine would have resonance in a country of such huge scales…Also, in terms of emotions everything has a bent for a large scale. The people that were raised in a way modest western culture find Dostoevsky’s characters monstrous, awkward queer things, however the writer himself was stating that they were completely true to life. Not many of those, who lived in Russia would argue with this.

Russia has a centuries-old history, which it is proud of. The country had become Christian long before America was discovered, that is why the missionary claims distinctly show through its self-sentiment. They were particularly seen during the epoch of Marxism, when Russia, confident in its national selectness, was bringing the world an absolute truth. Though these claims have a long history and its beginning is in the famous prophecy that says that Moscow became the heir of the divine mission, that Rome had and further on Byzantium: “ The two Romes perished, now we have the third, and the fourth would never be”. That’s why the one, who came to Russia for the first time, would act wisely, if he meaningly cultivates in himself a sincere respect towards this country.”

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