“The beginning” or how I’ve almost become a zombie

Well, coming back to Nizhny wasn’t that friendly though. Especially after extremely hot days in Moldova and Italy (even the capital of Ural — Yekaterinburg seemed to me waaaay warmer). And spending 10 wonderful days at the seaside(Mediterranean btw!) didn’t help me to avoid catching a cold. 2 weeks of fever, coughing and sneezing can’t be called a good beginning of the year, can they? Oh, and the headaches, of course! (How could I forget about them?). For me, the fall is the season of 2 modes: stuffed nose/running nose. Yeah, sure, the fall is all about the romance and beautiful leaves; long walks, hot latte and sincere conversations, but I am definitely not a “bad weather” person. And 3 such months, and then 3 more, and then 2 more(!!!) kinda make me feel depressed. Generaly, I think, that the fall is the season of depression: grumpy people in search of warm blankets, cats, hugs… Crying sky hardly makes anyone happy. Here I am — in search of money, knowledge, 3 weeks of continuous sleep, rest, free time and (maybe a bottle of vodka?…just kidding) of myself. I can’t say that I succeded in any of searches, but at least I found a part-time job (as a waitess-slash-cook-slash-bartender at a tiny cafe, oh, I should mention that all the cleaning is also done by me). Coming home at 3 or 4 a.m and having classes in the morning isn’t easy. At all. With all these new subjects. Sometimes I just think “Why me?” and getting no answer I move forward. I can’t believe that the last 3 weeks I came to the dorm just to take a shower, change my clothes and sleep. Mom says that I remind her of an owl. Well, I hope that she means the wisdom, but not the bags under my eyes. All in all so many things are still to be done, so many problems to be resolved…Baby steps, honey, baby steps.

my own dorm therapist
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