To my mind, this strange joy comes from being together, being with your family, the joy of unity. It’s amazing how different can be people within one family. Everyone of them has his own destiny, own problems, own way of thinking but anyway they are connected to each other by these invisible family threads. Actually, they themselves are these threads or even rags that create the patchwork called “family”. Family reunions are some things that became so rare in our culture. We meet only at weddings or funerals. Isn’t that sad? I loved the way people in Italy communicate within their families. They are always together! It may be a celebration or just a picnic, shopping or redecorating the house — it doesn’t matter. Only family gives you that feeling of being understood, loved and supported. For me my family takes top priority. I adore family reunions and the best thing is that we try not to miss these threads, even though thousands of miles separate us.(so I went to my sister’s wedding to Yekaterinburg this July and lived almost the whole August at my other sister’s place in Rome). And I know that they always will be there for me. And I always will for them.