yet 49% of Republicans see Russia as a friend.
What Has coalesced Over Recent Years As The New Base Of The Republican Party Has Never Cared Much…
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

Holy crap! Really? What the heck does it take to get facts through people’s skulls and into their brains anymore? I suspect what these people ~may~ be actually thinking is that the majority of the Russian people are not our enemies*…but damn…people please get a clue that the Russian government is a whole…entirely…different matter!

*I hope this is what they are thinking…if not…I have to question if they are thinking at all…and if they claim they are thinking for themselves…just where the heck are they getting there supposed information(actually misinformation)from that is brainwashing them into believing that Putin is a ally…let alone a friend(ack!) to the USofA? Yeesh…I can be pretty stupid at times but even I know better than that!

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