Questions for authors/poets.

I always have the ~moment of hesitation~… when ‘should I’ or ‘shouldn’t I’ is on a loop in my thinking…but then I reread what I wrote a few times…make any necessary adjustments(but I still somehow wind up with typos ~sigh~) and I usually just ‘go for it’. No one is capable of pleasing everyone all the time but you can always be true to yourself. As ‘creative types’ we want our creations to be liked or appreciated by others…a message sent to us that our efforts are not in vain…but sometimes we will only have our ‘creation’ and the memories of pleasure and/or pain we experienced while creating it and our creation may never be liked by another. When this happens I shrug my shoulders, shake it off, and try and try again. I have found that I must have the mindset of: It is not as important to be liked, as it is to be creatively expressive. I never seek to offend or be offended but there will always be some who will be offended or who will offend me. That is the nature of art…and life itself: controversy -or- a differing of perspectives. If you are proud of your work and feel that it is good and worthwhile…then by all means feel free to express yourself. You may get positive and/or negative feedback but take both for what they are: a momentary ‘pat’ or ‘ding’ to the ego. What is truly important is having the freedom to express yourself…and the wonderous ability to do so.

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