How to adult: be patient.
Andrei Draganescu

It is strange how adulthood doesn’t seem to ebb in on you gradually…you don’t feel it slowly growing to fruition…it just suddenly wallops you upside the head out of the blue and then you rub your aching head and realize -so I’m a adult now…this is it…this is what all the fuss is about…hmmm…it’s exactly what I thought it would be like while simultaneously being nothing like I thought it would be like…Ahh such is life…I’m living with it…because I’d be dead without it.

I would like to add my own two piddly cents to your quite astute wealth of knowledge on the subject matter by suggesting that another worthwhile endeavor for adults to engage in is to not forget what it felt like to be a child…remember how it felt to have all those things that were so very important to you as a child….looked down upon and ridiculed by the adults in your life that you looked up to…remember how it felt to have your heartaches and loses belittled by them because you were…’just a child’…and then don’t do the exact same thing to the children in your life when you are the adult.

…oh…and also remember that ‘just because you’re a adult’ doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and be silly anymore…you can still enjoy watching a pointless Spongebob cartoon…or singing silly songs with your kids…or make up dialogue for your pets and then deliver them in goofy voices…my son gets a kick out of this and he’s a teen(~for those reading this who don’t know~…when you’re a parent of a teenager…getting them to laugh favorably at something you said or did is a major parental accomplishment!)

My point…if I actually have one…is

You can be downright outrageously silly at times…and yet still be a tax paying, politically informed, serious, concerned for the future, oh-so serious adult too!

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