If all the meetings with “Russian nationals” were so innocent, why did everyone involved in those…
Jessica Droeger

Thank you Jessica Droeger for writing such a excellent response…though I doubt it will get through or do any good. Illogical Hillary haters are much more invested in making up excuses for their willful ignorance than they are in researching for factual information. I wonder at times if their extremism is the result of having some kind of weird mental allergy to reasoning. Putin had his internet stooges plant misinformation and outright lies all across the world wide web and people of a certain mental persuasion were way too happy to roll around in his manufactured dirt and throw it all around. They wanted to, and desperately needed to, have excuses to believe the worst of Clinton. Sometimes hate is like a drug and users need their fix. Putin and Trump dealt in hate…they supplied it…Trump’s supporters and Clinton haters became brain dulled high on the constant supply of hits. There must be many of them who must begrudgingly know by now that they were easily duped by a con man because of their lust for hate and dirt…but they refuse to admit it. They would rather keep rolling in that dirt rather than stand up…shake it off…gather their courage…find some integrity…and just freaking admit that they were wrong…dangerously wrong.

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