Timeout Tuesday
Lynn Browder

That is such a great picture. Owen is looking directly at the camera. In most of the photographs of my brother he hardly ever looked so directly at the camera…and he never smiled…but there are a few photos that are nice that were taken by a professional photographer on ‘picture day’ at his old special needs school. I don’t know how that photographer got Jimmy to look toward the camera but I’m glad they managed it somehow. My Mother cherishes those few ‘good’ photos. My brother is going on 47 years now and lives in a group home. He visits with my mother every other weekend. The employees at his group home transport him to my Mom’s for a few hours and then take him back to his group home. It’s been quite awhile since a photo was taken of him. It’s been too long since I have tried to visit with him. I don’t think he likes having me around when he visits our mother…he only sees her every two weeks so he wants all her attention all to himself…and I understand that completely but I miss him and worry about him. My Mother always keeps me informed of how he’s doing but since he can’t communicate his needs and wants verbally we both worry about him. I think the next time he visits my mother I might pop-in for just a few minutes and see for myself how he is doing…and I think I’ll bring my camera and take some photos.

I dont need to tell you to cherish Owen’s “I wuv ewe” moments because I know that you know just how very precious they are. I am thrilled that you get to hear those words. I also know verbal communication with Owen is very challenging but you are doing it…you are both doing it…and that makes me so happy for both of you! ☺

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