But looking at modern technology, I defy you to find one that does not do environmental harm, given that metallurgy, plastics, concrete, fertilizer and pretty much any other industrial process or substance pollutes the world, along with all the energy consumed in such processes.
Change is in principle not a problem. The devil is in the detail — what sort of change?
John Hopkins

This is so true. I agree with you on this 100%. I have often thought to myself why can’t we pass laws that state that from henceforth everything we manufacture must be totally recyclable, biodegradable, and nonharmful to the environment. Yes…I am aware that that will be difficult for manufacturers but it must be done. Besides…if we really took recycling seriously think how many jobs that alone could create. I mean…sure we do some recycling now but we are not really serious about it if you ask me. Everbody wants everything to be easy and convenient…we’ve been spoiled by all the conveniences around us…so spoiled that we don’t want to be bothered to recycle because it’s so haaard (<read that as whiney) to separate our recycling and put it in separate bins and such. Unless recycling is enforced and there are fines for not recycling and for polluting people are going to keep throwing everything in the garbage and/or polluting as they always have. That’s why I think that every garbage dump should build a recycling station where they recycle the garbage. These stations could provide good paying jobs and get rid of a lot of waste. The government could provide tax incentives for doing this and the garbage dumps can make money selling the recycles back to manufacturers for them to reuse. I know that it’s not as ‘simple’ as all that and that there’s bound to be a bunch of red tape but something has to be done or our planet…our home…is very likely to wind up being just like what the movie Wall-E portrayed it as being in the future…and yes that’s a kiddie movie and all but damn that movie had a lot of good points in it that need to be considered. We…and we means ALL of us…need to stop polluting our home and stop being so lazy and apathetic to the harm we are causing to earth…to our environment and to ourselves.

Okay I’m done…I get carried away about this stuff…sorry.

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