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Well I think that AI can be very beneficial to society in the health and medical field. I am also looking forward to self driving cars. To be honest, I myself, don’t know that much about AI or fully understand it but I have read up it some and that is why I totally understand your point of view about the cons of AI but I also understand Mike’s point about the pros of AI.

I also agree, to some extent, about your point that if the majority of all people believe a certain something is going to happen in the future that that societal belief can harness the energy to make it a self fulfilling prophecy…but (there’s always a but…so annoying I know) I also know that change is always happening and for some change is something to fear and be wary of(pessimism)…for others it something to look forward to and have hope about (optimism)…and many people are in the middle or they may be pessimistic about certain changes while being optimistic about other changes.

If you look at the history of technology you see all the different ways that society has reacted to it. When the first cars started rolling of the production line some folks were understandably excited and couldn’t wait to go sputtering down the road while others were like what the hell is so great about that contraption…you have to crank it and put fuel in it and they were all like…no thanks I am just fine with my horse and buggy.

The same can be said for television. When televisions first came out on the market some thought they were dangerous while others were like yippee!…I can watch a movie in my home now. To be fair…television, itself, is neither good or bad…it’s what the viewer chooses to watch that can be either ethical or unethical…we may disagree about what’s ethical or unethical but I think rational people would all agree that the choices one makes about what is ethical or unethical is the responsibility of each individual…it’s not the fault of the television if one decides to dumb themselves down by watching only stupid stuff. They could, instead, choose to watch programming every now and then that enriches their lives and teaches them something useful…television shows are just like food…some of it is healthy and good for you…while some of it is pure junk…it’s fun, and yummy, and it’s okay to indulge in the junk sometimes but a steady diet of it will make you sick.

Anyway…I went off on a tangent there for a bit…my point is that technology, itself, is neither good or bad. It is how it is used that matters. So the real worry about technology is who is using it and how they are using it. People run over other people with cars…people watch dumb crap on TV every day until their brains turn to mush…people murder other people with guns. The technology isn’t what hurts people. It’s how the technology is implemented by people who have bad intentions…that is the culprit. Technology can only be immensely beneficial or intensely harmful when a human being engages in the decision of how to use it.

We should not be fearful of technology…or change…it is a pointless endeavor. It is understandable, though, that people are going to be apprehensive anyway…we humans don’t always make sense…the feelings we feel sometimes make absolutely no sense but without them are we human? We will always have fear of what we do not know. We can remedy that by learning all we can about what we are afraid of…but sometimes that is hard to do. AI is so advanced and complicated that it seems impossible to understand to the layperson…this only adds to the fear of it and once again, that is understandable. When I try to learn about something and it keeps going over my head it can be frustrating for me but I realize that just because I cannot fully understand…just because my mind cannot grasp the technical jargon…does not mean that I have to dismiss it all together as something negative…and because of the Internet(with all its pros and cons) I can keep trying to learn from different sources until I find a article that explains it to me in a way I can comprehend.

I don’t know if all this answered your question but I tried to answer, in my own derpy way, as best I could.

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