Are You Fucking Kidding Me
Hillary Clinton [parody]

Wow…the alt-right morons really don’t like this. Fuck them. They spent the last year kneeling in front of Trump…and the idiots are soooo stupid they actually think that all their ass kissing ensures that they will get everything their wee little bigoted hearts desire…lol, lol, lol. Oh, alt right, you are in for a VERY rude awakening. Your delusions will be eviscerated. Your bigoted hopes crushed…if not by irresponsible and incapable Trump, who is all talk no do and has always been quick to make promises he doesn’t keep, then by your fellow human beings that have ethics, integrity, and empathy…we will NOT sit idly by, we will NOT capitulate to alt right ignorance and hatefulness. We will fight your bigotry with decency, respect, and intelligence…and we will be patient and persevere…until the disease, that is the alt right, is eradicated and this nation is inoculated to reject its putridness.

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