I learned it in elementary school. Maybe you did, too.
Do It Yourself Patriotism

Yup, me too. I was also in JROTC. I learned, and still remember for the most part, all the rules and laws and etiquette concerning our national flag.

There are far too many Americans who hypocritically talk about patriotism but don’t practice it. There are far too many Americans who can not pass a civics test…or far that matter a citizenship test…but yet some of those very same people yammer on and on endlessly and idiotically about immigration, government, and politics in general…as if they know what they are talking about…when they don’t.

Too many grown assed adults in the good ol’ USofA can’t answer simple questions about how, what is supposed to be their, government works. Maybe that’s part of the reason we have lost so much of our say in it?! It is easy for a con to convince the foolish that something they don’t understand is bad…or good…the foolish simply choose to put their trust in the con because it is easier to do that than put forth the effort to try to learn about what they don’t understand. Taking the time and effort to learn how your government works, to me, is what a citizen needs to do if they want to partake responsibly in the process of improving their country for the better. If one isn’t informed of the basic rules in the first place how can one make good choices concerning the implementation of those rules and any new ones that are added?

Here’s hoping that America’s educational system gets more stringent about making sure every young adult who graduates from high school has been taught civics so thouroughly that they can easily pass a civics test without breaking a sweat. I think it could go a long way in improving our current political chaos and ensuring better and wiser political outcomes in the future…heck…it sure couldn’t hurt.

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