Change of Initial Thinking on Genetically Modified Product Labeling

As I continue to research more about the topic of genetically modified product labeling, my thoughts continue to change regarding this topic. Throughout my researches, I found many different sources of opinions and facts from both sides of this topic. I fathom more deeply of why companies and businesses strongly oppose the need of labeling and at the same time, why labeling advocates think it is extremely important to require labeling for all genetically modified products. Before researching about this topic, I used to think that labeling should be voluntary because the right of private companies to decide for themselves whether or not labeling is needed for their products is what a free market is about. I also thought that it would be impossible for the food industry to required labeling for all genetically modified products since the cost of doing so will outweigh the profits that the food industry makes. At the same time, the food industry might also increase the price for consumers. However, my thoughts are now leaning more towards the need of labeling.

The food industry continues to oust the regulations advocates request for self benefits. According to Goldstein, the head of California Center for Public Health Advocacy, explains that the corporations’ power alongside with the politicians continue to stop the bills to be pass in the legislation, and this is why there are currently no bills stating any regulations on genetically modified products.The food industry nevertheless continues to produce and sell many types of unhealthy products that are easily available to all consumers. For example, just a trip to a grocery store or a supermarket, will give you access to a myriad of types of soda, chips, and processed foods which contains genetically modified ingredients. Yet, there are no labels on any of these genetically modified products. Regarding the uncertain harmful effects that genetically modified products have on people’s health can be exceedingly large.

According to a recent study from UCLA, 55% of adults in California have diabetes or pre-diabetes. The more shocking news is the fact that the rate of diabetes have raised a greater percent of 175 since the 1980. Goldstein states one of the major factors of the rapid increase in diabetes is the intake of unhealthy food. He believes that media should promote more benefits of healthy food while increasing the tax on unhealthy products. After reading about both of the sources, I strongly believe in the importance of labeling for genetically modified products due to the conglomeration of unhealthy products available in the market with genetically modified ingredients. Although there are labels on the back of the products informing consumers what is in their food, the labels don’t specifically tell consumers whether or not genetically modified ingredients are included.

With labels, consumers will be more cautious when purchasing the food products for their diet, they will most likely spend money on a more healthy diet for their own health. They will be aware of the amount of genetically modified products they are consuming compared to the non-genetically modified products. As a result, the rate of diseases such as diabetes will eventually drop and consumers will be have enhance knowledge and can decide for themselves when purchasing food. Consumers should have the right to know if genetically modified ingredients are in their food.

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