It is not a mistake. The newest version of Ask Irene is -2.0

A lot has happened since December 2017, when the original Ask Irene was born. In case you are new here, Ask Irene is a tool to find the perfect spot in Barcelona to dine, wine, and everything in between. It started out as a web app built in only 2 weeks and now is… similar but different.

In the past three years, a lot of people have been kind enough to share their feedback about this product. They have demanded new filters. They have requested a search bar. They have shared alternative ways to browse the spot list. And I…

Imagining a world where Dieter Rams is a chef.

Like what you see? Check out Dieter’s home 👀

The 10 Principles of Good Food is part of a post series that explores unique places, people and lifestyles related to food and sustainability. Why all this research? Find the answer in Drawing My Ideal Home. Previous essay: The Best Meal Ever?

There’s one subject that’s always brought up during Christmas. Having lunch with the whole family, catching up with friends or meeting again with coworkers, we talk about one topic more than anything else: food, and the absurd amounts we consumed the past few days. In many countries, Christmas is the paradigm of food excess. …

Two years, many friendships and uncountable moments later

It’s the end of an era. Before I get too sentimental, let’s do this recap Ironhack-style.

User is able to

🐣 Help people change their lives

There are many things I didn’t expect before starting to work at Ironhack. One of them was the incredible evolution some students experience during the bootcamp. We’ve all heard unbelievable stories about students that turned their life around but seeing them first hand, participating in them, is an honor.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Make friends that have become some of the most important people in my life

Hold your tears for now. More on this later.

🌍 Be part of a community in 9 countries (and counting!)

It might not sound impressing, but I could go to any of the 11 cities where there’s an Ironhack campus right now and feel at home…

Exercise #2 of Ironhack’s prework for the UX/UI Design bootcamp.

The second Ironhack UX/UI prework task consists on using Design Thinking to solve a problem for our client Whole Bank. This company wants to become a more user-friendly and innovative bank. Right now their focus is on traveling customers and the problems credit/debit cards present when abroad. Whole Bank already has an operating mobile app so the task is adding a feature that allows users to pay without the need of a physical card. …

The mixtapes, drama and Seth Cohen quips that shaped my adolescence

The real Little Miss Vixen, Ironist, Cosmo Girl and Kid Chino.

This month marks the 15th anniversary of one of my favorite shows. I’ve watched dozens of them and some have had a big impact on me — Seinfeld, Six Feet Under, The Office or Treme just to mention a few—so this anniversary could be not that big of a deal. Except that The O.C. was the first show that hooked me up and opened the door to many TV hours to come. Even more than that: for better or for worse, it was a huge part of my sentimental and cultural education. …

David Foster Wallace, a Buddhist monk and a developer walk into a bar

David Foster Wallace not wearing a bandana.

Today I’ve done something I repeat every few months. It has become kind of a ritual. Every once in a while, whenever something reminds me of it or I need some guidance, I reach for This Is Water [1], a commencement speech given by David Foster Wallace at Kenyon College in 2005. I have a transcript edited in the form of a handy little pocket book that I can’t count how many times I’ve read — although in some occasions I listen to the speech instead.

This is not the only thing I keep going back to. There are movies

Overcoming my addiction to travel

One of the last official travel pictures I took.

I’ve been sitting on this article for a while. I wanted to organize my ideas (this is what these self-help-ish posts are for) but I couldn’t seem to do it. I had too many conflicting thoughts. Traveling is hardwired in my family and has interested me for as long as I can remember, but it’s been making me more and more uneasy.

My views on it are quite radical. I either love it or don’t like it all. I’ve known this for years but couldn’t find the way to phrase it until a friend did it for me. He said…

Thoughts on self-improvement, working hard and being nice to people

Words to live by.

For years my motto has been to work hard and be nice to people. I have been drawn to these words since the first time I read them in an Anthony Burrill poster. As most things I love, they are deceptively simple. They might pass as common sense but living up to them is more difficult than one might think — specially the niceness part. A few weeks ago a friend shared with me a parable about kindness that has been stuck in my mind since. It has helped me gain a deeper understanding about the concept so I can…

Lunch at the world’s best restaurant

The Best Meal Ever? is part of a post series that explores unique places, people and lifestyles related to food and sustainability. Why all this research? Find the answer in Drawing My Ideal Home. Up next: The 10 Principles of Good Food.

Many people think I like sophisticated food because I enjoy eating out and trying new things. For a while it was true — kind of. So when my best food friend Marta suggested we go to Osteria Francescana together to celebrate her birthday I couldn’t say no. A trip to Italy with the sole purpose of eating? …

From being a miner to a security guard to a web developer

Some stories seem straight out of a movie. Actually if you saw them in a film you’d probably think they are too over the top, there’s no way this can happen to someone. Films have to make sense but real life doesn’t.

Héctor Fernández’s is one of those stories. We met when he started the Web Development Bootcamp in April 2017 and I had been working at Ironhack for less than two weeks. It was my first cohort as Program Manager (the role wasn’t even called that back then) and I had no idea what to expect from the students…

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