I’m just getting a hang of Medium and somehow I’m devastated. There were two articles I was casually reading during class and these two brought me a sort of epiphany, really strong ones actually. But here’s the sitch, I can’t find these articles of which I would want to read fully. Hey on the bright side, I still remember points out of it of which I want to publish in order to fully delve into it

  1. Too much readings of self help books, autobiographies, and business books often gives the motivation to pursue goals way beyond your realities. This I’m guilty of and only beginning to realize what I have been told regarding my plans for the future. What a wake up call on my illustrious dreams of being a potential Harvard Business candidate or a founder of a company before 20. Sort of like mirages, nearly visible but will never happen or exist even your up close.
  2. My big goals often shadow minor goals that I have to accomplish first. The article talked about how we “accelerate” given the motivation that we are nearing the finish line. Simply, in order to achieve huge goals we need to cascade the tasks into smaller finish lines. Making it sprints rather than marathons.
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