March 6

Journal Entry #1

  • My undergraduate course is quite interesting. It does answer so many lingering questions I have in my head, most especially on how to approach industry management. I really do want to be great, to use numbers as means to make meaningful systems that are efficient and capable. I believe numbers are the best way to convince people of possibilities and of change.
  • Speaking about numbers; I have been avoiding the number on my bank account and on the scale. Often disregarding that they don’t hold anything valuable to what I am and what I am capable. When I did consider them today, I realized that optimistic people are not generally the best ones to be around. They are optimistic for the certain fact that they make up their own reasoning for their failures.
  • For the past two weeks, since I’ve read Tools of Titans; I’ve understand this one concept. All the things we tend to believe, we tend to be passionate about, are all stories that we magically made up. These stories could often be in the form of excuse for one’s weakness. This could also create good visualization to what we could achieve and where we ought to be. I guess, for anything imaginable to man, man could do.
  • I’ve now just been thinking again of what ifs. If X, then maybe Y. Just like a computer program which you could visualize as a tree diagram. Or those magazine quizzes where you choose your answer to determine which Jonas Brother are you going to marry. What if life is simply just like that quiz tree?
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